Practical Information

Language:  English only

Bookings:  Confirmed at least a day before the scheduled date

Payment:  Cash only, to be paid and start of trip

Departure Point:  Parnell, Auckland (approx. 1.8km from Auckland CBD)

Maximum number per trip:  2 people

Minimum age:  18 years old

Cycle experience and fitness:  Each rider must be a confident and competent road cyclist and have a very good level of fitness.  See Pace and difficulty below.

Pace and difficulty:  The trip is not a race and the pace will be a steady 15-25 km per hour rate.  Auckland has hilly terrain and a good level of fitness is essential to fully enjoy the ride over the full distance.  We have planned at least 3 stops per course for places of interest or refreshments.

Pit stops:  We will stop at a couple of points of interest along the way and where you might want to take photos.  Also, we will refresh ourselves at one of our favourite cafes so you can get a taste of our wonderful cafe and coffee culture.  The tea is great as well.

NZ road rules:  We ride on the left-hand side of the road in NZ and it is compulsory to wear bike helmets.  You must abide by the NZ road rules.

Safety and liability:  We expect all the riders stay with us at all times.  However, you bike at your own risk and you still need to take personal responsibility for your safety.  Your safety is very important to us and this is why each rider must be both confident and competent on the road.  There will always be both Jono and Denise on each trip.

Auckland is a very car-centric city, so as cyclists we need to respect this and share the road.

Trip cancellation:  We are fair-weather riders and will only take a trip in good weather.  The key is enjoyment and safety.  We reserve the right to cancel a trip if we think the weather conditions are or are going to be marginal, typically because of bad weather conditions.

Trip style:   This is a hosted cycle to show you around one of our favourite routes in order for you to experience the pulse of the city by bike.  This is not a traditional tour of popular sites around Auckland.  However, as locals we will share our knowledge as best we can.

Time of year temperatures and weather conditions

Auckland has a temperate climate but can be wet and windy any time of the year, so be prepared.

  • Summer is December to February, can be humid with average temperatures 13C to 23C
  • Autumn/Fall is March to May with average temperatures 10C to 22C
  • Winter is June to August with average temperatures 7C to 15C
  • Spring is September to November with average temperatures 8C to 19C

The early morning calm on the isthmus during settled weather, before the sea breeze rises, was described as early as 1853: “In all seasons, the beauty of the day is in the early morning. At that time, generally, a solemn stillness holds, and a perfect calm prevails…” Many Aucklanders use this time of day to cycle, walk and run.