What We Provide

We will provide a bike and helmet for up to two people.  They are mountain bikes (pictured below) and are our own bikes, which we keep in excellent working condition.  A brief outline of the specifications are:

  • Trek 8500 front suspension hardtail, 27 speed, size medium, medium helmet.  It will fit a person about 5′ to 6′.  This is Jono’s bike and so fits perfectly for his 5′ 10″ frame.
  • Merida front suspension hardtail, 27 speed, disc brakes, size small, small helmet.  Will fit a person about 5′ to 5′ 10″.  This is a top of the line bike made of carbon fibre and weighs under 11kg.  It is about 3 years old but has only been used about 1/3 this time.  The suspension can be locked and unlocked at a flick of a switch.  A sweet ride!  This is Denise’s spare bike and so fits her 5′ 6″ frame.

Both bikes are fitted with semi-slick 26″ (by 1.5″ and 1.75″) tyres for better efficiency on the road.  These bikes use standard pedals so you can wear normal shoes such as running shoes or trainers.  The seats are comfortable but not super-padded.

Please note, NZ standard is the Left Hand brake operates on the rear wheel, which is the opposite to North American standards (ie countries that drive on the Right Hand side of the road).

To cater for the unlikely event of an emergency, we will bring basic first aid supplies, a puncture repair kit and cellphone.

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